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Everything You Need To Know About Glass Clamps

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glass clamp

When it pertains to interior decoration, glass balustrades are quick becoming a must-have function. Whether it's a property, public or business property, glass balustrades are a stylish option to the really useful trouble of maintaining people secure. But what's the very best means to securely protect them in position? At Glass & Stainless, our team believe glass clamps are the most effective option. There are other alternatives out there, nonetheless, so to help you decide, we've gathered everything you need to find out about glass clamps.

Whatever You Need To Know About Glass Clamps

Glass Balustrades

The objective of Glass Clamps are to hold the glass panels of a balustrade steadfastly in position. Glass balustrades can be made use of in a variety of ways inside and outside a residential or commercial property, consisting of on stairs, balconies and around any decked location. Much of their appeal can be put down to the distinct advantages they hold over a lot more typical wooden or metal balustrades. Mainly, the fact that they don't restrict the flow of light in between two rooms. Consequently, the location remains brilliant and ventilated instead of hemmed in and claustrophobic.

The clear nature of glass additionally indicates that you can see right with, making it a specifically suitable option for balconies and outdoor decking surround. You don't need to jeopardize your property's sight in order to be secure. Installing a glass balustrade outside does not suggest loads of upkeep either, as glass is an easy to clean product. All you need is a fabric and some soapy water.

Lastly, the glass that is utilized to produce these balustrades is unbelievably solid and sturdy. This isn't the easily smashed material that you could thinking of from glasses and mirrors. Glass balustrades are created using solidified glass, which has 4 times the toughness of conventional annealed glass.

Why use glass clamps?

We believe glass clamps are the absolute best alternative for safeguarding glass balustrades because they bring a lower degree of threat than the choices. We would certainly caution against drilling holes straight into the glass itself. With solidified glass, any effort to pierce through will certainly almost certainly cause the pane smashing. The distinct home heating and cooling down procedure that it goes through presents a high level of stress. It is this stress that gives solidified glass its remarkable strength. If you do want your glass panel to be reduced or drilled in anyhow, this should be done prior to the solidifying procedure. This technique relies on your being 100% certain in your dimensions as there's no going back.

Glass clamps on the other hand, do not trigger any type of damage to the glass itself and can be readjusted throughout the installment procedure. Fitted correctly, they hold the weight of a glass panel strongly in place and prevent it from moving or wobbling about.

What do glass clamps look like?

There'll be a mild variant between various designs but normally, glass clamps are composed of two parts. There's an L-shaped bracket which is screwed into the supporting surface area, and then clamp itself. This is rubberised for additional protection and can be purchased in a rounded or sharp edged design.

glass clamps

How to fit glass clamps

Glass clamps are relatively simple to install on your own if you comply with the supplier's instructions. Nonetheless, if you would certainly really feel a lot more comfortable having a specialist manage it, Glass & Stainless are more than satisfied to help with setup. Keep in mind, glass balustrades have a crucial security duty to play along with looking stunning so it pays to get it right.

When it involves suitable glass clamps you very first demand to establish the number of you need. This number will certainly vary relying on the dimension and density of the glass however a harsh guide is 4 clamps per square metre of glass. In order to guarantee that the weight is uniformly distributed, the glass clamps ought to be just as spaced.

Glass panels are offered in a vast variety of density therefore there is comparable range offered in glass clamp dimension. It is of the critical significance that there is a tight and protected fit otherwise the glass may pave the way under pressure, totally defeating its objective and posturing a real threat. A substantial benefit of using glass clamps is that they normally include adjustable screws that enable you to tighten the fit as needed. Rubber gaskets offer added freedom as they stretch around the glass without breaking it.

Rather than battling one Glass Clamp and tightening it as far as it will certainly go, we advise that you attach them all and tighten them slowly. This method makes certain that the stress on the glass remains evenly spread.

That's pretty much every little thing you need to learn about glass clamps, but if you have any type of more questions please do get in touch.

glass clamps

glass clamp

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