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How to Choose the Right Glass Door Lock for Your Home
There are many different types of sliding glass door locks available on the market, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your home. In this article, we will discuss the different types of locks available and provide tips on how to choose the right one for your needs.1. What factor
March 27, 2023
Choosing the Right Door Handle for Your Home
The right glass door handle is an essential part of your home décor and can help you achieve a seamless transition from one room to another. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary matt black finish or a more traditional, vintage-inspired look, there are many options to choose from.The first step
March 14, 2023
Types of Shower Glass Clamps
Toughened glass clamps are a great way to keep the weight of safety glass firmly in place without the need for drilling holes which weaken or compromise its strength, and can make it more prone to shattering. They're also an ideal solution when completing staircases, terraces, balconies, landings an
March 02, 2023
The Benefits of Installing a Shower Door Hinge: Enhancing Safety and Style
Installing glass shower door hinges can be a great way to add a modern and stylish look to your bathroom. Glass shower door hinges are designed to hold the weight of a glass shower door, making them a safe and reliable choice for your bathroom. They also provide a sleek and stylish look that will ma
February 22, 2023
Different Types of Sliding Glass Door Locks
Sliding doors are a popular choice for homeowners as they open up space, allow natural lighting into a home, and help keep out drafts. But these beautiful and functional doors also present security risks, especially if they aren't secured.The best glass door locks combine convenience with peace of m
February 16, 2023
Choosing a Shower Glass Door Handle?
The best glass door handles can help you blend your interior design and add a subtle yet essential finish to your home. You’ll find a wide variety of styles, designs and finishes to choose from.When choosing your new exterior glass door handle, make sure you know the thickness of your current door a
February 07, 2023
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