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85 90 Degree Shower Door Hinge Heavy Duty Glass Hardware Glass Shower Hinge

  • Brass

  • 180°Hinge

  • Giftbox/Carton

  • Nickel Plated

  • Contact with Supplier

  • Offer 0.5% Free Spare Part

85 90 Degree Shower Door Hinge Heavy Duty Glass Hardware Glass Shower Hinge

            There are many different types of shower door hinges, depending on what style and arrangement you have in mind for your shower stall. Choosing the right type of shower door hinge is important to ensure both the aesthetic and functional performance of your glass shower enclosure is perfected. Shower door hinges are important parts of a custom shower enclosure that make it look aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

shower door hinges

The most common shower door hinge is the wall mounted hinge. This is ideal for modern, traditional, transitional, and historic bathrooms because it allows the swinging door to seal up when closed and requires little maintenance.They also tend to be more "low profile" than pivot hinges, which can be a plus for bathrooms where you want to minimize metal components.

Pivots are a mid-range choice in terms of shower door hinge prices, and they allow users to effectively support a very massive or thick glass door with relative simplicity. They feature metal sleeves that connect to a metal rod, or pivot, installed in the floor and ceiling around the door. They transmit the door's weight onto the floor, making them a great option for users who have a lot of experience installing and supporting large glass doors.

shower door hinge

glass shower door hinges

shower door hinge

shower door hinges


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