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Hinged Shower Door Hinges

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Glass Shower Door Hinges

Glass shower door hinges make the difference between a bathroom that you love to look at and one that you genuinely enjoy using. They're made of high-quality materials that meet safety and fire protection standards, and are available in a variety of styles to fit any decor.The shower hardware is an essential component that helps the door to open and close smoothly and quietly. Choosing the right type of glass shower door hinges depends on your needs, budget, and design preferences.

There are several types of shower door hinges, including glass-to-glass units, backplate hinges, and continuous hinges. The glass-to-glass hinges are the most expensive and feature two plates connected on one plane to support the weight of the door without sacrificing the glass.

They're easy to install and adjust to accommodate a range of doors.They're designed to hold the door firmly and allow for manual closing, ensuring a smooth and quiet operation. They're durable and corrosion-resistant, so you can count on them for years to come.

Hinged Shower Door

Over the years the bathroom has transformed from a room used only for its function to one of the focal points in the modern home, promising a safe haven to alleviate your senses after a long day. As homeowners look to expand their basic functions with a more glamorous appeal, adding additional features alongside the basics, hinged shower enclosures are a key part of that upgrade process.

Hinge Options for a Hinged Shower Doors

There are many different types of shower door hinges, depending on what style and arrangement you have in mind for your shower stall. Choosing the right type of shower door hinges is important to ensure both the aesthetic and functional performance of your glass shower enclosure is perfected.

Backplate Hinges

The most cost-effective option for a hinged shower door is a conventional backplate hinge, which uses two metal plates to hold the door in place. They are often less obtrusive than glass-to-glass units and tend to be the most popular choice for buyers, though not always visually appealing due to their appearance when the door is closed.

glass shower door hingesShower Door Hinges & Pivots

Hinges & Pivots

Shower door hinges are important parts of a custom shower enclosure that make it look aesthetically pleasing and functional. They come in a wide variety of styles and finishes. When choosing shower hinges, keep the primary purpose in mind and select ones that compliment your glass door.

Hinge Options

The most common shower door hinge is the wall mounted hinge. This is ideal for modern, traditional, transitional, and historic bathrooms because it allows the swinging door to seal up when closed and requires little maintenance.They also tend to be more "low profile" than pivot hinges, which can be a plus for bathrooms where you want to minimize metal components.

Pivot Shower Doors hinges

Pivots are a mid-range choice in terms of shower door hinge prices, and they allow users to effectively support a very massive or thick glass door with relative simplicity. They feature metal sleeves that connect to a metal rod, or pivot, installed in the floor and ceiling around the door. They transmit the door's weight onto the floor, making them a great option for users who have a lot of experience installing and supporting large glass doors.

They can be made of brass, which offers a huge assortment of surface finishes. They are also more durable and low-maintenance than stainless steel or other metals. It's important to choose the correct type of hinge for your bathroom, as they will determine how easily the door can be cleaned and maintained. 

glass shower door hinges

shower door hinge

shower door hinges

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