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Glass Shower Door Solid Brass Standard Hinge Pivoting Shower Door

  • Brass

  • 180°Hinge

  • Giftbox/Carton

  • Nickel Plated

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  • Offer 0.5% Free Spare Part

Glass Shower Door Solid Brass Standard Hinge

         Shower door hinges are the supporting mechanism for the shower door, allowing it to open and close smoothly. The types of shower hinges available to purchase depend on your preferences and your budget. Some hinge designs offer a more decorative look than others, such as glass-to-glass units. Others, like pivots, allow the shower door to open and close with ease and can support a greater amount of weight.

Factory Wholesale Price Bathroom Glass Door Brass Mini Shower Hinge

shower door hinges

        Glass-to-glass hinges are usually the most expensive type of hinge for a shower door. The hinges have two metal plates that meet in a single plane to support the weight of the shower door. These are also the least noticeable style of hinge.


      Pivot hinges attach to the floor or ceiling and pivot on one point. They allow the door to be opened and closed and don't interfere with the expanse of glass. Pivot hinges are made of corrosion-resistant solid brass and come in a variety of finishes and edge styles. They can be ordered in junior, senior, and standard sizes.


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